Media rant.

So, what is media?

Media is many things. Books, television, video games, comics, "fine-art," that sort of stuff. But what actually is media. I think the best defintion I can give at the moment is that media is communication meant for a group of strangers. That's kinda weird, and as with all concepts, easily deconstructed, but it works well enough for now. It includes everything from "The Shining" to this:

Gonna start kidnapping my followers and forcing them to play football.

— Spookworx🆖 (@GooseworxMusic) October 18, 2021

This defintion of media covers a lot, thats knind of the point. What I'm trying to do here is to simplify what media is. Communication. This may be obvious to you, a lot of this may be obvious to you, but this sort of core deconstruction is important. The goal of media is to communicate.

In other words, communication skills is something that should be understoon when making media, wheter it be a book, video game, or movie. That does not mean good at talking, as the steriotype of socially-awkward author imply, but rather be able to analyze the effectiveness of your communication.

Also, I'd appreciate your feedback. What do you think about my up-my-own-ass ramblings?